Hidden Kingdom Hard Cover Edition


Features of Hidden Kingdom

  1. Details Stats and information on over 300 Character’s (Knights and Noble Ladies) taken from Arthurian Literature.

  2. The information includes Heraldry and Coats of Arms for each Character.

  3. Heraldry Guide.

  4. Detailed Political and Economic rules.

  5. Two Full Color Maps of the British Isles, including Ireland.  PDF included with Hard Cover Edition.  Map Purchased Separately of with Bundle. 

  6. Details on 21 different Kingdoms and over 235 Provinces on the British Isles.

  7. Alignment Rules reflect the conflict between Paganism & Christianity; Chivalry & Lawlessness, and the cultural conflicts of the many peoples on the Islands.

  8. Players have two alignment value systems with often conflicting goals.

  9. Rules for Large Scale Warfare and Naval Combat.

  10. Play a King, a minor Lord or a Landless Knight.

  11. Simple and playable combat system. A very unique approach to keep the game moving and reflect the unique character of the Fights in Arthurian Literature.

  12. Very unique rules for Jousting Combat.

  13. Detailed instructions on Role Playing for the beginner. Including examples of play.

  14. Detailed Creature Section featuring Monsters, Animals, Fairy, and man type encounters.

  15. Built in Situation-Type Encounters that represent 96 mini adventures already built into the game.

  16. Bibliography of Arthurian and related literature.

  17. A game that is designed to encourage the reading of great literature.

  18. A game can be played in one simple setting or can be a long and continues game of intrigue, politics, warfare and adventure.

  19. Rules for Super-natural intervention feature the unique differences of Magic and Miracles.

  20. List of Magic items from the times of King Arthur.

  21. Tournament Rules and formats.

  22. Twenty highly acclaimed Illustrations by Paula Lamb reflective of the stories and legends.

  23. Easy to learn. A new player could be up and playing within minutes. But a lifetime of fun, adventure, and learning.

  24. Player Record Sheets for tracking your Character’s Skills and Abilities, Damages, Family, Comrades, and enemies, possessions, and alignment achievements.

  25. Detailed Charts and table used for playing the game.

  26. Loose leaf format for planned expansions, supplements, and advanced rules.

  27. Suitable for miniatures.



Hard Cover Edition of Hidden Kingdom the Original Arthurian Role Playing Game. This is an all in one game. Features over 300 Pre-Generated Characters from Arthurian Literature. Heraldry Guide. Details on 21 different Kingdoms and 235 Provinces.


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